Sunday, 26 September 2010


I entered an online comp that ones of my friends set, basically she makes and sells all things cakey and yummy, the comp was to guess the weight of the cupcake and i was just 1g out, Imagine my suprise and delight that i won a runner up prize of some delicious cake pops, they where wonderful like giant truffles on a stick ! Bannana & peanut and double choc , beautifully packed too, a real delight to recieve, many thanks!/angelskitchen you really cheered us all up here!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

From tea to bag holder

i needed something to keep my bags under control they seemed to be mating, id recently taken part in a tea swap and got some beautiful tea bag envelopes that i wanted to keep so i fused them between to sheets of plastic) you know the stuff that you get inside cereal boxes? Then i sewed it into a cylinder shape and crocheted top and bottom decreasing on rows to keep the bags inside and added a crochet handle ..bobs your aunty! i had a jumper that somehow got shrunk in the wash but i loved the colour and didnt want to throw it away but i was way too small so i cut the arms off and made leg warmers the ribbed cuff was perfect fit for my ankles and the wider top meant they stayed put, then i cut up the middle of the jumper and added a ribbon tie either side, making it into a cap sleeve cardi Some old beer bottles i glued some scrunched up felt into a ball inside them and made 2 mini pin cushions and ive saved all all my 1-2 metre long scraps of yarn over the year made crochet circles (yoyos), added some glitter 2 pretty gold bottle caps and some nice coloured buttons and plastic bottle caps a bow and slotted them onto an old wire coat hanger and volia a christmas wreath and you know when you get a plastic bottle such as water and you unscrew the lid? and your left with a little plastic ring left around the neck of the bottle..well who needs curtain rings? these are fab for crocheting around to make mini wreaths just 2 rows of dcs around a chain for a little hanging loop and done!..also christmas cards just punch holes and dc around , and stars made out of plarn (mine was asda bags..just need to add some glitter and good to go!)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

At last some recycling pics!

Okay so i finally finished sanding and stripping the wardrobe i found! Im very pleased with it, and also a pair of my fav trousers that got paint on them which whouldnt wash out so i turned them into a skirt and a bag, although im thinking later on i might turn the skirt into an apron?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

umm well what have i been up too?

Can you guess yet more recycling lol! oh and gardening , crocheting etc etc etc I don't feel ive had much to time to relax! So heres a Quick catch up of my current thingamys! My first proper dye attempt using kool aid done in colours of flowers i saw at our local zoo My dolly i had as a baby mum was going to throw away so i made her new clothes from a 1940s pattern my nanna gave to me and sewed some gifted lace onto the bottom My eldest son graduated from pre school ..sobs! So as a thankyou i adapted this pattern from ravlery into a wall hanging . And i Bought myself a pasta machine..something i wanted for ages having spent an good hour and half trying to figure out what went wrong i made pasta..but then i tried to cook it and it turned to glue lol perhaps fresh pasta is better going into boiling water? Either way i need to research more! I promise there will be more recycling pics to come ! And lastly my two little pixies at the bottom of the garden with the sunflower and carrotts they grew and water themselves

Saturday, 8 May 2010

lots of bits and bobs

brooches made from salvaged gifted lace and buttons to sell at sons summer fayre A fused plastic party bag made from cearal packet for sons birthday My votes for woman bag upcycled from a second hand bag and painted decopaged A sofa throw made from my very old ripped pjs and some old bibs A shrunken plastic experiment using old strawberry /grape containers A nice new family pic Quilt patch number 4 Sons 4th brithday cake A huge nigerian dress that was gifted to me that i made with smocking and bell sleeves A freecycled baby blanket wool was frogged from an old blanket given to me lace was also gifted The pillowcase for my son made from old denium jeans and lastly working on another quilt using loads of scrap lace i was given making good progress so far Hi bloggie..been busy so far in the past few months ive been to River dance, been made a god mummy again, been to dorest on holiday , went to see lee mack the comidein at our local theatre, my eldest son had his 4th birthday . ive also started flower bombing..dropping seeds into areas of waste land to cheer it up and ive also lobbied our local mp but seeing as labour are no longer in power in our area i guess he wont be coming around now?!

Monday, 8 March 2010

mass of recycling projects!

over the last 2 days ive recycled 10 carrier bags into a plarn crochet door mat, turned 4 pairs of very tattered toddler jeans into 1 pair of toddler cargo length shorts, one of the pockets got turned into a coin purse for my son as it was perfect size and justeed needed trimming , 4 of the pockets got sewn together to make a bag which he has lots of pockets to put his cars in and inside the bag, and 2 nets from oranges/onions etc turned into a dish pot scrubber im also 2/3 through turning the rest of the jeans into a patchwork pillow case for my toddlers bed which ill post on here when i finish it tommmorrow had great fun!