Saturday, 8 May 2010

lots of bits and bobs

brooches made from salvaged gifted lace and buttons to sell at sons summer fayre A fused plastic party bag made from cearal packet for sons birthday My votes for woman bag upcycled from a second hand bag and painted decopaged A sofa throw made from my very old ripped pjs and some old bibs A shrunken plastic experiment using old strawberry /grape containers A nice new family pic Quilt patch number 4 Sons 4th brithday cake A huge nigerian dress that was gifted to me that i made with smocking and bell sleeves A freecycled baby blanket wool was frogged from an old blanket given to me lace was also gifted The pillowcase for my son made from old denium jeans and lastly working on another quilt using loads of scrap lace i was given making good progress so far Hi bloggie..been busy so far in the past few months ive been to River dance, been made a god mummy again, been to dorest on holiday , went to see lee mack the comidein at our local theatre, my eldest son had his 4th birthday . ive also started flower bombing..dropping seeds into areas of waste land to cheer it up and ive also lobbied our local mp but seeing as labour are no longer in power in our area i guess he wont be coming around now?!