Sunday, 30 November 2014

Crafty Christmas learning

I firmly believe as a person who worked with children and in the art sector, that children (and adults) can be taught so much via Art and crafts. My sons decided to Christmas crafts where the order of the day so we decided to spend a few hours making and playing. One set is from Usbornes big book of Christmas crafts, we have had for a few years now, and make some every year. We also purchased some kits from our local Spar as I really loved them, and they where inexpensive, but we also made one from recycled cardboard.  Some videos and activitys to learn about snowflakes  interesting facts about Christmas trees with beautiful pictures! 

Have fun making !

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Safa ..really is Safer , beauty review

I was recently approached to trial a new product on the market, You see I have very sensitive skin . Because of this I'm a tester for a medical company that uses human testers rather than animals, I'm allergic to lanolin, liquid soaps and latex . They burn my skin off! Whilst this company isn't part of the cosmetic testing company, I was impressed enough to join in with the chance to review the products. Vegan (meaning no animal derived products) Therefore no lanolin! Containing certified organically grown ingredients, wheat and gluten free too. I was sent Safa Facial Tonic and Cleansing milk to try From Linco care.

The cleansing milk contains Rosehip, Sweet almond and Calendula oil," Rich in anti-oxidants and perfect for mild instant anti-wrinkle effect, lightweight for people who suffer acne as it doesn't block pores."I found this just perfect not to thick or runny , very gentle and soft, very creamy and soothing, I used it after a shower and was surprised how much it cleaned my skin further, I't felt delightfully soft and smooth.

The Facial toner contains, cucumber, Aloe and green tea extracts. "It helps enable skin repair, increases collegen content of damaged skin tissue. A powerful anti-oxidant with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects" I admit I was very nervous, I dislike facial toners, because of the burning effect they have , but really impressed this had no burning sensation just a mild tightening effect.

About an hour afterwards I decided to wash my face to see if the cream was still there, and Was delighted to feel my skin still felt very creamy and not at all dry (normally I would have put another coat of moisturiser  on mid day, there was no need!)

Please keep an eye out for their products They are delightful They are soon to be running monthly giveaways too!  Twitter Facebook Their website.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


The boys seem to have a current obsession with Junk modelling, Which is fab as it keeps all of them happy, (plus I enjoy it to having spent most of my adult life in the Art sector of retail) They wanted to make something Christmassy (Already?) . We decided on toilet roll models . We picked The fun Reindeer project from this lovely tutorial .

A cute old black and white You tube vid about children and life in lapland

And a huge stack of Reindeer lesson plans and activities

Colouring pens are from this lovely company one end thick the other thin.Great coverage, nice tight fit lids great for children or professionals alike...perfect!

Have fun!

CleanTrash sorting deciding what to make.

Lovely colouring pens sent by Smiggle

We have 9 reindeer and Santa on a sleigh

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Paper play

What to do when your stuck indoors all week and under the weather? We decided to investigate the strength of Newpaper! Firstly we attempted to push a car over a "Bridge" The challenge was it had to be done with one sheet of newspaper. They figured out by folding the paper they could strengthen the bridge enough to allow the car to pass over. Then some gravity play (What falls faster the ball of paper of the sheet?) , and some Origami Boats, which we later floated and sank down Rochester river lol! All in an hours entertainment for nothing! I think we will be exploring more types of boats we can see which floats better!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Halloween , And Bonfire night, Before you know it Christmas!

Cue learning of Guy Fawkes, how fireworks are made, Gun powder, Guy making. Cue learning about various Religions and styles of celebrating Halloween. This week has gone so quickly, Had a great week :D
Some of the resources we used.  Horrible historys gunpowder plot Fantastic site for educational resources  Ks1 and Ks2 Worksheets as well as other pages.

Pumpkin worksheets

Painting and gluing

Bonfires and fireworks

Burning an effigy

There she blows, do not worry chickens are no longer present :(