Sunday, 28 April 2013


I made a pledge a while ago to stop buying "stuff" it means ive cleared some debt and decluttered..but a girl needs treats!! Especially i find them helpful as i suffer from senstive skin and often end up with bottles that hurt my skin..and its all very good for frugalness..heres what i recieved last week.

Hers a list of some of the freebies ive sent for..hope they havent expired for you
Please note i am not endorsed by any of these companys ..some links need to be copied and pasted..happy hunting!
boss orange sample female and male toilette-for-woman-free-sample
evening primrose seeds 
potty training down but can get from contact us on link
Free Badge, pen and binoculars for that budding gambler in your life ..seriously though what child doesnt love getting post, plus bincoulars allways popular for bug/bird watching
 garnier moisture match
cherrys in the air fragrance sample
e45 skincare sample
colagte interdental toothpaste sample
loreal bb cream
lady millio paco rabam sample
tena lady samples (or useful nighttime towels)
mens gomme de garcon evergreen sample

Thursday, 25 April 2013

live below the poverty line

Saw this on facebook, and thought id give it a go, our main meal costs less than £2.00 usually for 2 adults and 3 children, so im hoping that it wont be that hard a deal to do, and if it raises awareness of how hard it is to eat on so little then doubly good! More info here..shall be posting once a day with dinner ideas and fruagal tips

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ravelry Japanese retro cape instructions

I saw a beautiful cape awhile ago on raverly , it was firstly japanese , charted and a combo of both crochet and knitted but i desperatly wanted to make it, so i wrote the directions down, hopefully it will come of use to someone else, These of course are just my own interpretations

Abrevations SK2p..s1 knitwise, k2 together, pass slipped stitch over
k3 tog Tbl knit 3 together through the back of the loops
yrn yarn around the needle
yo yarn over
10mm needles..cant give you a guage im afraid as i didnt note it down but each stitch is about 1cm wide

PLEASE be careful the edge stitches sometimes (but not all the time)you only decrease by 2 instead of 3, hopefully ive noted the edge stitches down correctly

Also be aware of how many you cast on they vary in each row..when you cast on you also knit those stitches

each pattern is 10 stitch repeat apart from the edge stitches.

Cast on 18 stitches

Row 1, K8, p2, k8
Row 2, p8, k2, p8
Row 3, Cast in 3, k7, k3 tog tbl, yo, k1, yrn, p2, yo, k1, yo, s1, s1, k1, pass 2 slipstitches over, k4 (21 stitches)
Row 4, cast on 3, p11, k2, p11
Row 5, Cast on 3, k2, p2, k4, k3togtbl, (k1, yo) twice , k1, p2 , (k1, yo), twice, k1, s1, s1, k1, pass 2 slipped stitches over, k5 (27 stitches)
row 6, cast on 3, p2, (k2, p10) twice, k2, p2
Row 7, cast on 2, k, p2, k2, k3togtbl, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, p2, repeat once between * &, sk2p, k2, p2, k2 (32 stitches)
Row 8, cast on 2, p4, k2, (p10, k2),Twice, p4
Row 9, cast on 2, k6, p2, k3togtbl, k3, yo, k1, yo,k3, p2, k3,yo, k1, yo, k3 sk2p, p2, k4 (36 stitches)
Row 10, cast on 2, P6, (k2, p10) twice, k2, p6
Row 11, co 2, k8, p2, k6, k3togtbl, yo, k1, yrn, p2, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, k6, p2, k6 (40 stitches)
row 12 co2, p8, k2,( p10, k2) twice, p8
row 13, co2, k3, yo, k1 k2tog, k4, p2,k4, k3tog, (k1, yo) twice, k1, p2, (k1, yo) twice, k1, sk2p, k4, p2, k4, k2tog, k1, yo, k1 (44 stitches)
row 14, co2, (p10, k2) 3 times, p10
row 15, co2, p2,k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, sk2p,k2,p2,k2, k3togtbl,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,p2,k2 repeat fromto* once more,sk2p,k2,p2,k1,sk2p,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2 (48)
row 16, co2 (k2,p10) 4 times, k2
row 17, co2, k2,p2,k3, yo,k1,yo,k3,skp2,p2,k3togtbl,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2,k3, repeat between and once,skp2, p2,sk2p,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2(52)
row 18, co2, p2, (k2,p10) 4 times, k2,p2
row 19, co2, k4,p2,yo,k1,yo,sk2p,k6,p2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yo,p2,yo,k1,yo,sk2p,k6,p2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yrn,p2,k2(56)
row 20, co2,p4,(k2,p10) 4 times, k2,p4
row 21, co2, k6,p2,k1,yo twice, k1, sk2p, k4,p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yo,twice, k1,sk2p,k4,p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yotwice, k1,p2,k4(60)
row 22, co2,p6,(k2,p10) 4 times,k2,p6
row 23, co2, k1, k3togtbl,k1,yo,k1,yo,k2,p2 k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,skp2,k2,p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,p2repeat twice,k2,yo,k1,sk1,k1 (64)
row 24, co2, p8, k2, p10 repeat 4 times k2, p8
row 25, co2, k1, k3togtbl, k2,yo,k1,y,k3, p2, k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,skp2,p2,k3togtbl,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3 repest twice p2,k3,yo,k2,sk1,k1 (68)
row 26, co2, (k2,p10) 5 times k10
row 27, co2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yop2,yo,k1,yo,skp2,k6,p2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yorepeat once more,p2,yo,k1,yo,skp2,k6
row 28, co2,(k2,p10) 6 times,k2
row 29, co2,k2,p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1p2,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,skp2,k4,p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1repeat once more, p2,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,skp2,k4,p2,(71)
row 30, co2, p2,(k2,p10) 5 times,k2,p2
row 31, co2,k4,p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2p2,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,skp2,k2,p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2repeat once more,p2,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,skp2,k2,p2,k2
row 32, co2,p4 (k2,p10) 5 times, k2,p4
row 33, co2,k6,p2,k3tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,skp2repeat 2 more times, p2, k4
row 34, co2,p6,(k2,p10) 6 times ,p6
row 35, co2, k8p2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yo,p2,yo,k1,yo,sk2p,k6repeat 2 more times,p2,k6
row 36, co2, p8 (k2,p10) 6 times p8
from here cast ons are all different
row 37, co1,k2,yo,k1,skp,k4p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,p2,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,sk2p,k4repeat 2 more timesp2,k4,k2togtbl,k1,yo,k1
row 38, co1,p9 (k2,p10) 6 times p9
row 39, co1, k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,skp2,k2p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,p2,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,sk2p,k2repeat 3 more times,p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k1
row 40, co1,(k2,p10) 6 times,p10
row 41, co1,p1,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,skp2p2,k3tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,skp2repeat 2 more times,p2,k3tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3
row 42, co1,k1,(k2,p10) 6 times, p10,k1
row 43, CAST OFF 1, k2,yo,skp,k6p2,k6,k3tog,yo,k1,yo,p2,yo,k1,yo,skp3,k6repeat 2 more times,p2,k5,k3tog,k1,yo,k2
row 44, (k2,p10) 6 times ,p10
row 45, CAST OFF 1, k2,yo,skp2,k4p2,k4,k3tog,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,p2,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,skp3,k4repeat 2 more times,p2,k4,skp2,k1,yo,k2
row 46, p9 (k2,p10) 6 times k2,p9
row 47, CAST OFF 1, k2,yo,k2,skp,k2 p2,k2,k3tog,k2,yo,k1,yo,k1,yo,k2,p2,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,skp2,k2repeat 2 more times, skp,k2,sk2p,k2,yo,k2
row 48, p8(k2,p10) 6 times k2,p8
row 49, CAST OFF 1, k2,yo,k3,skpp2,k3tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,p2,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3, sk2p* repeat 2 more times p2,sk2p,k3 yo,k2
row 50, p7(k2,p10) 6 times p7

cast off

crochet edge..start at the corner off one cast off section and dc (sc) 64 times down one side 2 more dc (sc) into corner edge, (so you have 3 into corner edge now), 42 along cast on edge, 2 more dc into corner edge and then 63 up the other side to opposite cast off edge

2nd row, dc (sc) into first 3 dc (sc) chain 3, skip2 dc(SC), dc (sc) into next dc (sc) * repeat around, dc into last 3 dc
3rd row dc into first dc, chain 3, skip the 3 chain from below and the dc, * trb into 1st chain, chain 1,trb into middle chain, chain 1, trp into last chain, chain 3, 1dc into dc, chain 3 , dc into next dc, chain 3* repeat around, then slip stitch to starting 3rd chain
4th row, chain 5,trb into first trb, chain 1, trb into chain below, chain 1, trb into middle trb, chain 1, trb into chain below, chain 1, trb into last trb in group, chain 1, trb into middle of 3 chain, chain 1 repeat around, slip stitch to end
5th row, chain 3, dc into chain1 below repeat 3 more times, chain 5 (skipping last trb, chain1, middle trb, chain one and 1st trb of next group) repeat around and slip stitch to end
6th row chain 3 dc into middle of chain 3 below, chain 3 dc into last of chain 3 in group below, (missing 1chain, 1dc,3chain,1dc and 1 chain) chain 3 trb into 2nd of 5 chain below chain1 trb into 4th of 5th chain below repeat around and slip stitch to end
7th row chain 3 (trb , chain1) 4 times, chain3, dc into trb, chain3,dc into trb repeat around and slip stitch to end
8th row chain 3 (trb into trb below, chain 1) repeat 7 times, chain1, trb into middle of chain 3 below, chain 1 repeat around and slip stitch to end
9th row * chain 3 (dc into chain 1, chain 3) repeat 7 times, dc into chain 1 below, chain 1 , dc into chain 1 below* repeat around and slip stitch below
fsten off

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I have a pantry :D

Anyone who has a larger family knows..more mouths to feed means more food storage required. I have been sooo jealous of peoples pantrys but i have no space to put one..or so i thought. I have an old chimney breast in my kitchen i cant remove it as its a supporting wall, as i was short of space i used it as storage and it was just full of i decluttered it ..went out spent £10 on wood ..also used some recycled wood batten  and heres the so pleased not preety but functional and now means i can get more food from approved food (allways been put off getting too much due to no where to put it!) ..Then of course afterwards the children had great fun taking it back out and stacking it again lol.