Monday, 27 July 2009

well this week i plan too..

pick up my first twlight book from library ..yay and hopefully read it all finish bens jumper done finish keons knitted vest done make cushions for the sofa done finish my cal sqaures up to date find a recipie for stuffed marrow and mince
also made a nappy wrap

Monday, 20 July 2009

well had my first real harvest carrots a tiny cabbage ..the bugggerrry slugs got the rest a small cauliflower and 2 more rather large courgettes..ones 12 inches plan of action for this week all the cal 2009 squares up to date ..finish off other sock ..sort veg plot ready for next lot of planting..oh and our first tomatoe has popped up!

Friday, 17 July 2009

courgettes,cakes, clothes, and erm quilting!

yesterday was a productive day!
picked my first 2 impressive 8 incher courgettes ooh er missus very tasty there where too made a aubergine less moussaka which ben always manages to eat all of it so least hes getting quite a bit of veg down him, mushrooms, tomatoes,courgettes,onions and potatoes and surprisingly he always loves it, ben had a pair of jeans that where really tatty at the base and i thought id convert them into a pair of dungers for keon by just cutting off about 3 inches off the bottom of the jeans , cutting one part of the cut off in half width ways and sewing that to the top of the jeans for the bib then just adding blue cotton to the bottom of the legs , some strips for the straps and a star..took about 1hr hand sewing quite pleased with them, made a load of cakes and biscuits for Ben's fete and spent an hour there having fun, and winning a bottle of booze! then to round the day off nicely id finished my 1st quilters square for my qal monthly quilting square again quite pleased with the how its turned out just need to finish it off
now busy weekend harry potter tonight with my mum whilst dave baby sits, and then tomorrow craft fair with katy eek scary stuff..the fair that is not katy

Sunday, 12 July 2009

ooh just enrolled for a ten week silversmithing jewlerry making course, a 5 week florestry course and a one day quilting course also a pottery day for ben and daddy. plus im also looking into child minding eek!
simple garter stitch cardi for prem baby if you can knit squares you can make this 16 inch chest all worked in garter stich no increases or decreases on 4mm needles using double knit yarn arylic is best as it washes well and is soft x BACK cast on 39 stiches knit till peice measures 20cm cast off frounts knit 2 cast on 20 stitches knit till peice meaures 20 cm cast off sleeves knit 2 cast on 29 stiches all sizes knit till peices measure 16cm cast off to make up sew frount shoulder seams onto back ..but leave about 1/3 unsewn so it forms a colar sew sleeves onto back and frounts sew frount/back seem togeher and sleeve seems turn inside out so all sewing is hiden inside carigan now to make a tie..get 2 peices of yarn in same or coordinating colour about 50cm long twist until it goes back on itself and secure and sew into place about 1/3 of the way down all done!