Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Postcard from Normandy

Our last Holiday for this year..Unless I can persuade Hubby to have a caravan holiday to Hastings to check out the 1066 events?? Maybe If I go all doe eyed at him? A 7 hour trip on the ferry with my Mum beng a hero and driving us to the ferry port and the House ..driving on the wrong side of the road, she took to it well..Bravo Mon Mere! The boys loved France I think..they where being "pickles" all week plus I was Hormonal and grumpy. Anyways I think we took a lot in, We visited the Bayeux Tapestry, and Cathedral (Which are both stunning!). We also took In Omaha Beach and Golden Beach d-day landings. I found this hard, there where so many museum that charged a lot of money and somehow it seemed they where proifteering greatly from peoples deaths. I'm not sure where the money went , I think the french Government maintain the war memorials/cemeteries (which where too much for me to take in) . I think also when you have seen one war museum they where all pretty much the same, So I would really only recommend one, we did the overload on Omaha. French people as always so welcoming to the kiddies and the guys had a great time practising language skills. We found it odd that whilst there where a lot of houses there was also hardly anyone there , I should imagine in summer it's packed with visitors..but off season hardly any locals at all. I'm glad we managed to pack so much in.
Some info on the fake harbours we visited
The last of the fake harbour built for d-day landings 

Omaha beach

Swimming at Omaha

Port en bassin..village we stayed at.

Port winston fake harbour

Rock pools


Banksy stylee..

Bayeux Cathedral

Cathderal crypt

Yarn bombing