Sunday, 6 July 2014

Camping, Kenx and we lost our first tooth.

Bone of contention eldest finally lost his first baby tooth at 8! We went to A Red tent camping meet up, made new friends and had a great time..oh and played with a load of kenx!.
salt Bowl blessings

Keon got invested at Beevers..He's been waiting and desprate o start for 2 years!

Me..I build fire!
Blessingway ceremony
Hot choc round the campfire
Yoga and Nidra Meditation..even Ben managed the full stay! Thats me in pink With Ben next to me.
My natural art weaving .
Iron man likes to help at the communal meal by making cous cous!
Iron Man meets Lizard boy!

My home made Dream catcher
Tooth fairy tonight then? He was so excited that at last he lost a tooth!
Nannys pressie to Ben A huge box of Knex.
And cross stitch
Minecraft creepers of course!

He's learnt to knit!
Huge kenex roller coaster!

Electomagnatic working Telegraph

Keon Built his first Dino skeleton..Baby bro Bombed the picture :D