Saturday, 13 June 2009

rosey posy and spinning

had a go at spinning for the first time all i can say is omg..i need help!
off to a shop today thats just opened up near me to buy new soft furnishing for the front room..but they also do wool and other crafts two for the price of one! picked a little posy for fil , he allways had flowers in his house until mil died thought it would be nice for him to have flowers once more

Thursday, 4 June 2009


not many i might add and not huge but they are there i need to leave the rest in too grow much bigger..these to go into tonight's casserole..I'm currently working on a very simple quick two needle sock pattern using socka sock wool seems to be working ok at the mo..i
hate dpns!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tasks for this week

make rag doll for group done just need to take pics think my stitching is quite neat but alas i didn't have any white cotton ..can't believe that!
make johnny cakes but find out if cornmeal and cornflour is the same or can i just use plain flour? make crochet hook..DONE yay! finish rag rug done but i didnt back in storage for now
Make rainbow mobile for market not done make sandles x 3 for market not done start on pink baby blanket for market started write out thankyou cards/letters done! finish tma 2 and send done get form e11 done visit hannah and have a picnic yay! looking forward to that one! delayed till wednesday next week sort out passports ..fill in forms forms filled and pics taken
extras done..oven cleaned..beds changed..cupboard under stairs sorted out i can get in it again! half a pair of socks made


HI I'm Laura I'm 31 i have two children Ben aged 3 and Keon aged 1. I happily married and have been with my partner for almost 11 years eek how time flys. I come from a long line of crafters and the crafts have been passed down to me with love and laughter. I learned to knit at 3 and later cross stitch and crochet , I've also been know to do a bit of bobbin lace but its very very basic lol! apart from two pre school kids keeping me very busy i also like gardening , hand sewing , reading , and I'm also currently writing a book, Ive had 4 bits of poetry publish before so I'm hoping this will be accepted too! Ive almost finished level one of a degree in Environmental sciences (yup I'm an eco warrior hippy chick!) but I'm going to put it on hold till the kids start school as it detracts too much from my craft work, besides i was only doing it , to A) prove to myself that i am intelligent and B) make my mum proud ..but seeing as I am and she is seems a pointless exercise really! I'm a happy go lucky , girl who is hopefully quite a nice person , id hate to think anyone has ever been upset by my actions , and i try to help people as much as I can even if this means I've been put out, which unfortunately seems to happen quite a lot lately..but I'm afraid that's just my nature, I do tend to be a bit of a door mat, but i have slightly Buddhist views and believe what goes around comes around, I don't get revenge karma does!