Saturday, 7 May 2016

Postcode From Edinburgh

A Totally wonderful holiday and Youngest 2nd Air flight. (It was cheaper flying than going by train or car) The last Time littlest flew was when he was 18 months old, And they all coped well..could be the lollypops they had though to stop ear popping. Something which ruined my hearing when I was 16 (Well on top of being born with an extra Eustachian tube in each ear which makes me rather hard of hearing) Anyway I digress! A cheap sun holiday to Port Seaton, Which is about an hour away from Edinburgh. The Train is as follows Catch the city link 100 to Haymarket or outside the Castle (which You can't miss either!) We got a return which you get a month to use. Then the Blue bus 26 to Seaton sands (make sure it says that as there are other number 26) That is on the opposite side to the Castle on Princes street. The stop is outside Debenhams. The bus goes about every 10-17 minutes and directly to the Site (This bus takes about an hour so make sure you use the bathroom first!)  The costs are £1.80 for a single , and £4.00 for a daily bus pass. half that price for children and £8.40 for a family day ticket. For that you can go as far as you like on that bus, back and forward. The site is the last stop , so you do not need to worry about where you get off, as it is obvious. You also need to pay with coins and the correct change, which took some getting used to!
 The site itself was beautifully clean and had a nice rock pool type beach. We made sure we visited Edinburgh castle, The Tartan mill , and a few other famous landmarks. The only sad bit was wishing I had time to climb Arthurs Seat and Carton hill. But Still managed to fit in Geocaching for me. Didn't want to come home.