Sunday, 15 August 2010

At last some recycling pics!

Okay so i finally finished sanding and stripping the wardrobe i found! Im very pleased with it, and also a pair of my fav trousers that got paint on them which whouldnt wash out so i turned them into a skirt and a bag, although im thinking later on i might turn the skirt into an apron?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

umm well what have i been up too?

Can you guess yet more recycling lol! oh and gardening , crocheting etc etc etc I don't feel ive had much to time to relax! So heres a Quick catch up of my current thingamys! My first proper dye attempt using kool aid done in colours of flowers i saw at our local zoo My dolly i had as a baby mum was going to throw away so i made her new clothes from a 1940s pattern my nanna gave to me and sewed some gifted lace onto the bottom My eldest son graduated from pre school ..sobs! So as a thankyou i adapted this pattern from ravlery into a wall hanging . And i Bought myself a pasta machine..something i wanted for ages having spent an good hour and half trying to figure out what went wrong i made pasta..but then i tried to cook it and it turned to glue lol perhaps fresh pasta is better going into boiling water? Either way i need to research more! I promise there will be more recycling pics to come ! And lastly my two little pixies at the bottom of the garden with the sunflower and carrotts they grew and water themselves