Sunday, 22 July 2012

Im not hiding honest!

Sorry ive been in hiding ! Basically wee man is superglued to me like a limpet, but he seems to have calmed down  a bit in the past week thankfully! Ive even managed some craft time! But mostly we are having the house re furbished so furnture and clutter is all over the place , the attics being turned into a bedroom with en suite shower room, and our old bedroom is being turned into a smaller bedroom with corridor so the 2 lower bedrooms can bth access the current bathroom which is currently off our bedroom so our sons have to wlk through our bedroom to use the can imagine the mess! Ive repainted our living room i love it and all it cost ws £13 for a tin of paint!
Two firsts for us this week..keon middle son aged 4 has finally allowed the hair dresser to cut his hair he now sports a very grown up big boy hair cut ready for starting big school in september im so proud yet also sad having looked through an old post about baby wearing him, im wondering where the time has gone? The other first was i took luke and the other 2 lads to the childs matinee all by myself (i know im crazy) They behaved perfectly and i didnt realise that babys where quite common, im going to make it a monthly treat, anyway ttfn see you soon and have a great holiday!