Sunday, 23 August 2009

busy week

ben helping to sort the fruit out
my wall hanging needs backing and a section for the 25 days of chrsitmas for an advent calender
elderberrys, sloes and cobnuts
my first lot of jam sloes and damsons using the pound for pound recipie
jam making, made a christmas wall hanging , picked some more fruit elderberrys and sloes and some cobnuts, 3/4 made my own dress out of a pair of daves surplus work combats just need to put a zip in..

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

this week i shall be..

mostly doing de cluttering have cleaned out the veg plot and re potted the pumpkins and
some more spuds thrown away a rotted beyond repair bench and huge borken jcb toy now have some clean garden and i have 5 black sacks of weeds/dead veg waiting for the compost van made ben a mini washing line as i was getting pestered for him to help me so just cut up one of the planks that was left off the bench..nothing spectucular but he was very pleased and thanked me for it very much one happy little sandboy

Friday, 7 August 2009

starting my christmas list

ok so my chritsmas list.. mum 2009 cal crochet blanket..11 squares done 13 to do freebie samples in a preety fabric gift box ..ive collected about 30 odd now tea at the ritz recipie book photo necklace slippers bird seed/feeders paul..? superman scarf to make spider man throw to make dave..? fruit port ben.. jigsaw darlick face cloth for stocking checkmat jumper knitted patchwork christmas blanket..5 squares done fiery dragon scarf pirate patch for stocking knitted darlek knitted fireman hat ladybird gloves train from wilkinsons that lights up and blows smoke socks cars dvd poundland chrsitmas plate poundlnad chrsitmas cup for stocking twizzly straw for stocking keon ducky face cloth for stocking 2 board books hooded sweater knitted steg knitted trice knitted jeans snowbaby bib macca pakka socks intg dvd twizzly straw for stocking christmas plate from poundlnad chrsitmas cup for stocking jo photo jewlerry necklace/bracelet for them wall hanging..giant sit on turtle

Monday, 3 August 2009

this weeks activitys include

some pics of the boys and my marrow
17 inches long just over 4.5lb now what the fork do i do with it?
include..finish brandons jumper do at least 3 of the cal 2009 squares or i shall be miles behind start one of the boys chrissie preesies do 2 blanket squares post out book leaflets

extras completed my first qal square at last!