Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy New year..At last!!

Rather delayed post ..I have no idea where the past few months have gone really! Two days ago Hubby and I decided if it was nice to go out to the beach on his next day off , as all we do is stay in and do housework really in winter on his day off. "Lets have fun in winter!" In our madness we decided a trip to the beach was in order. Freezing but huge fun and we had a little  friend to come with us , Chips, hot choccy, and bringing home smelly buckets of treasures! Some Identification went on. Next time we go I will start carrying small bags of water and plaster of Paris for our traking work and gather seaweed to press and identify. Can't wait for summer!

Activities ideas. Sort shells into Univalve and Bivalve
                        Make a sticks and stones sundial
 Pre school activities

Family activites

Make an indoor ocean "Suitcase"

They found a huge rotting (eww) fish head and half a spine ..Conga maybe?

Tiny Acorn Barnacles

Most apt!

Seagull tracks ..obviously

Our fav Fisherman Friend

Yip..It's cold!

Reading notice about Oyster conservation

Some of our fav books

A land anchor ..made the boys laugh and Dance "Mr Bean" Style

A Garden at the beach..something to Check out next time!