Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knitty knickers!

Currently working on 2 soaker patterns made using 4ply sock yarns , seems to be lots about but not that many using sock yarns, or are knitted flat and seamed, i prefer mine top down and in the round! The first is a knitted pair adapted from a pre war pattern, after much configuring to get the right gauge using modern yarn sizes and needles, i think I'm there! Sizes Then where made bigger with a tighter leg cuff so that they lasted longer rather than the fitted look that only lasts a few months or so until baby grows, plus i do love vintage looks. The second is a crochet pair which hopefully will be one of those plug in calculator tut type patterns, Are you interested in them? Both haven't been tested especially not other sizes so come as virgin patterns. Excited to be offering them to you later on next month.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

tarn rug..again!

having accumulated another stash of grotty t shirts..i decided to make another tarn rug, for those who don't know, tarn is t shirts cut into fabric! You can also use tights (pantyhose) , jeans , called jarn..anything really. I prefer the spiral method of cutting , something quiet cathartic about snipping it up to be honest, at the moment I've run out of stuff to add, but I've done another 3 rounds more after this picture, I'm hoping to have one big enough for the new attic room.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The great declutter..

Decided to ditch things in favour of a more natural approach..heres all that i currently have bar makeup which i dont have vast amounts of anyway. All i want to keep is olive oil, apple cider vinager, bicarb of soda, coconut oil, a rock deoderant, rock salt, honey and toothpaste and bar soap!

so bye bye to stick deoderants, all liquid soaps, face masks etc ..need to use this lot up first

all ready bottle of shampoo.