Thursday, 10 January 2013

Marble Madness!

Whilst i created this, it reminded me a lot of those marble cakes you see about lol..hence the name. Please feel free to use my patterns for sale etc but please do not claim it as your own invention, thanks! Also please remember i am not a professional pattern writer hence why i offer my patterns FREE, enjoy x

Please note i use British terminology.

Dk weight yarn and 4mm hook 2 Different shades of yarn

Magic loop..chain 4 join end to starting chain to create a loop.

Htr (hd) Half treble or half double
Trb (Db) Treble or American double
ss, slip stitch .

Starting corner = Work 2 chain, 2 htr ,2 chain, 3 htr (all into same space)
Corner = 3 htr ,2 chain, 3 htr (all into same space)

Using A make a magic Loop.

Round 1. Into magic loop, work 2 chain, and 11 htr join to starting chain (12 stitches).

Round 2. Change to B. Work starting corner * Skip 3 htr , Into space work corner * repeat from* to * round to starting 2 chain ss to join.

Round 3, Work starting corner   * Skip 3 htr , Into space work 3 htr, skip 3htr into next space work corner ,* repeat from* to * round to starting 2 chain ss to join.

Round 4, swap to A, work starting corner skip 3 htr *chain 1, into the 2nd row below work 1 trb into the middle htr , chain 1, work htr into middle htr of the 1st row below repeat to corner , work corner* ,.repeat from *to *  around to starting 2 chain corner, ss to close.

Round 5 swap to B, work starting corner  *chain 1, work 3 htr into trb stitch, chain 1, skip htr stitch* repeat from * to * to corner work 3 htr into last trb stitch, work corner ** Repeat from * to **around to starting 2 chain and ss to join.

Round 6,  work starting corner * Work 3 htr into space between htrs to corner work corner * * repeat from * to * to starting 2 chain ss to close.

Repeat through rows 4-6 to desired size (6 repeats for 12" square)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mini hexagon one a day almost 3 months on!

Can't believe i started this almost 3 months ago Where on earth has the time gone? Hope you all had a great Christmas and New years eve? Ours was fraught with illness, we thought my eldest might have men c, 5 hours in A and E and coming back at 2am , thankfully it wasn't , but he had a virus that was attacking his immune sytem poor mite lost 2lb and theres not much of him anyway! We all ended up poorly and without any enthusasim at all, i myslefhad parovirus (slapped cheek) tonsilitus and conjunctivitis on top of a cold! Thankfully everyone else just had a cold, so i was happy to shouldler the brunt of it, if it meant they got away lightly. Anyway onwards and upwards, i have a wedding to sort and only 4 weeks to do it! Ive booked jack Dee tickets for dave and me as our presant to us, im going to see billy elliot with mum this weekend, we are also going to legoland in March and Venis in looking forward to this year! Have a great New year, blesssings to you all.