Sunday, 26 September 2010


I entered an online comp that ones of my friends set, basically she makes and sells all things cakey and yummy, the comp was to guess the weight of the cupcake and i was just 1g out, Imagine my suprise and delight that i won a runner up prize of some delicious cake pops, they where wonderful like giant truffles on a stick ! Bannana & peanut and double choc , beautifully packed too, a real delight to recieve, many thanks!/angelskitchen you really cheered us all up here!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

From tea to bag holder

i needed something to keep my bags under control they seemed to be mating, id recently taken part in a tea swap and got some beautiful tea bag envelopes that i wanted to keep so i fused them between to sheets of plastic) you know the stuff that you get inside cereal boxes? Then i sewed it into a cylinder shape and crocheted top and bottom decreasing on rows to keep the bags inside and added a crochet handle ..bobs your aunty! i had a jumper that somehow got shrunk in the wash but i loved the colour and didnt want to throw it away but i was way too small so i cut the arms off and made leg warmers the ribbed cuff was perfect fit for my ankles and the wider top meant they stayed put, then i cut up the middle of the jumper and added a ribbon tie either side, making it into a cap sleeve cardi Some old beer bottles i glued some scrunched up felt into a ball inside them and made 2 mini pin cushions and ive saved all all my 1-2 metre long scraps of yarn over the year made crochet circles (yoyos), added some glitter 2 pretty gold bottle caps and some nice coloured buttons and plastic bottle caps a bow and slotted them onto an old wire coat hanger and volia a christmas wreath and you know when you get a plastic bottle such as water and you unscrew the lid? and your left with a little plastic ring left around the neck of the bottle..well who needs curtain rings? these are fab for crocheting around to make mini wreaths just 2 rows of dcs around a chain for a little hanging loop and done!..also christmas cards just punch holes and dc around , and stars made out of plarn (mine was asda bags..just need to add some glitter and good to go!)