Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Let your toddler Dress you for a week.

I saw this on a blog recently and decided to jump in and go for it..A sort of fun, mad experiment. I enjoyed it, it was really mad, some days he decided I should wear nothing ( could be a bit of a shock on the nursery a bit chilly) Or better still wear my pjs..I would have been happy to do that, but felt that was a bit of a lazy cop out on his behalf. Here are his random selections..I think the Dexys midnight runner look is my fav (orange skirt under green blue frilly skirt) with green cardi. I have rediscovered my love of colour! Which I hope detracted from my baldy head ha ha

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mardi Gras

We have decided to try and get involved with world wide Celebrations this year. So we celebrated Mardi Gras..Mask andbead making also activities at the local home ed group..involved making headwear and a parade with a lot of noise! The Necklace making surprised me, 3 year old was really good at threading without a needle!

NOT Half Term fun..Silent Sunday.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Such fun, With our building kit

We where given a fab chance to try a Quadroplay starter kit. This Kit is epic lol! I is so easy to put together, even my 6 and 8 year old where helping me, from start to finish it took just say 40 minutes.  But we did , make it over 2 days because we lost the! It even comes with optional extras you can Purchase such as a Slide, more pieces, even a swimming pool! I'm so hoping to purchase more of this to add on. The boys had a great sense of pride building this. You can make endless shapes, models and various constructions.
There is also smaller construction sets. The kit came with very clear instructions and a dvd to play with construction  ideas .As of today there is also a sale on. As the site says "The possibilities are only limited by your Imagination"
It really brightens up our awful backyard !

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Box trolls day

We still haven't seen the movie, Is that bad? However, always up for a recycle challenge, I signed the Home ed Group We belong to for a Box trolls recycle challenge, Via "The big tidy up"..Alas Me being abit daft, I lost the Pdf file, they sent to schools. It had a great Curriculum and lesson plans you could follow,(If you wanted to)  as well as keeping to the Reduce , Reuse, Recycle them. There was also a Certificate to distribute to those who attended. (Sob, sob!)

Here is the link to sign up, although it has expired they may do it again next time, if there is a number 2?

Boxtroll activities

Recycle games

How paper is recycled video


We also Have had fun before, Getting a pile of household Junk  (clean) and sorting it out over the week, into reduce, reuse , recycle and then into "Decomposing times" a box for quick such as food, medium such as cottons, and slow/ never plastics, metals

Earth day is about 20th April  I think, we don't do any different, but Think it's time for a post about it then?

Some Pictures of Today , We WILL get around to watching the film! Love and light x