Saturday, 14 February 2015

Such fun, With our building kit

We where given a fab chance to try a Quadroplay starter kit. This Kit is epic lol! I is so easy to put together, even my 6 and 8 year old where helping me, from start to finish it took just say 40 minutes.  But we did , make it over 2 days because we lost the! It even comes with optional extras you can Purchase such as a Slide, more pieces, even a swimming pool! I'm so hoping to purchase more of this to add on. The boys had a great sense of pride building this. You can make endless shapes, models and various constructions.
There is also smaller construction sets. The kit came with very clear instructions and a dvd to play with construction  ideas .As of today there is also a sale on. As the site says "The possibilities are only limited by your Imagination"
It really brightens up our awful backyard !

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