Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Let your toddler Dress you for a week.

I saw this on a blog recently and decided to jump in and go for it..A sort of fun, mad experiment. I enjoyed it, it was really mad, some days he decided I should wear nothing ( could be a bit of a shock on the nursery a bit chilly) Or better still wear my pjs..I would have been happy to do that, but felt that was a bit of a lazy cop out on his behalf. Here are his random selections..I think the Dexys midnight runner look is my fav (orange skirt under green blue frilly skirt) with green cardi. I have rediscovered my love of colour! Which I hope detracted from my baldy head ha ha


  1. My son was never interested in clothes, even as a toddler, so your boy did well!

    1. Lol thanks. He does love his clothes.Bizarre really as I'm rather happy to slob about in Jeans and t shirt!