Monday, 2 March 2015

Chinese New year Fun - Kung Hei Fat Choy!

One of my Favourite Celebrations I admit! The colours, The food. The passion! We simply must cover this subject as a learning opportunity! There is so much you can cover, Not only History, Food skills but Geography, Economics, Maths and Art are just a few things that can be covered easily.

We covered a little Chinese writing, word searches (spelling) And fun maths colouring sheets from this site.

Made a Dragon and learned a little of the history.

Made paper fans..Did you also know fans are/where used for fighting, knives where inserted or steel rimmed and thrown!

And of course paper lanterns

I was also given a draft page by a friend of a curriculum page, which i will be Doing next year as sadly we got it after we had finished the project . The Page was articulate, well written and covered many aspects of learning, and this was just one page and a draft of it. She does write personal curriculums and is just starting out, but was a teacher for many years, before deciding to home ed. Please take a look at her blog and see if you fancy some work doing, she is very reasonable!

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