Sunday, 13 December 2015

Our weeks are flying past.

I have been trying to engage in things that make my heart sing as well as less time on social media.  Here is a few things we have done over the past 2 week ends . A trip to Leybourne warden bay for fossil hunting me met with a group of other Local Home edders. We then washed the found items and played Archaeologists (super fun for little ones just get a bucket an old tooth bush warm water, this keeps mu lads amused for at least an hour) A trip on one of the last lightship boats that was also a floating art gallery, we made china christmas decorations.  I finished off some christmas gifts and one for me. I made a fairy garden with my youngest. We went to Dickens world tour with another group of home ed families. We made Christmas Decs, Wrote to Santa and made our tree. And I saw beauty in my son and in the sun . For those who don't know I had an early loss before I had my youngest so he's a rainbow baby, Indeed he was born the morning after a storm and the last thing we saw before it git dark was a rainbow.  I wish you all a wonderful christmas and happy peaceful new year

Our washing machine died :(

letter to santa

my Bedknob