Sunday, 11 March 2012

Low cost gardening?!

Anyone noticed just how dear gardening is becoming? It's mad! I went into my local shop and saw the herbs where on offer ..apparenly at £2.47 a pack..if id bought all i wanted i whould have spent over £60 on seeds alone! i bought a load of ebay and in poundland in the end totalling £9!..baragin, eagerly awaiting spring now to put my guttering herb garden will see what im on about soon lol. Ive also got some living stones growning in my old coffee bags which will look lovely soon ..talking of bargains, i fund this fab site which has really cheap seeds, free packets when you spend over £10, and frost reports! excellent !
 - offers fantastic value for the highest quality vegetable seeds in the UK. Over 300 varieties with next day shipping.