Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Roman Day at The museum of Kent life

Lovely day out with a group of Home ed families . They had demos Amulet making and the reasons for them, Built a marble run Aqueduct. Talks on food , drinks , Boadicea , and Roman inventions, as well as being able to wander around the museum and see the farm animals. The sun shone nicely too!

Amulet making (stamping initials into leather)

Amulets made!

 The beginnings of Testudo formation employed by Roman armys (Latin for turtle) 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Maths and Geography lessons aka Cakes and jigsaws

It's great fun doing normal everyday things as a family yet still somehow there's education in everything!Like many, My own children seem to be really visual learners . On top of that we had another great week and we had a guest to stay and some cake to eat. Win win! I think i may have to invest in some more geographic jigsaws.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Bye bye summer

Small project today And to keep summer alive , the fun we had on the beach. Collecting as many different shells as we could to identify them at a later date. That later date was almost 3 months later. Love these little books and i may just get some more! They managed to retain the information and difference in uni-valve and bi-valve shells. As well as identifying a few. Some remain as yet unsolved but google can help us with that.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Look up for a change.

I can't be the only one that finds it sad that people are so engrossed in phones they never see whats going on about them? Yes I'm Guilty of doing that sometimes, ive downgraded a lot of technology. We have the laptop and a smartphone that I now longer connect to facebook (social media seems to have lost its appeal a lot for me) We have The wii. Which we use for both gaming and keep fit. Other than that, that's it no other consoles, or tablets (I refused to replace them once they got broken within days of fixing or purchasing) I'm one of those odd people who find technology overused, and worry what will happen when we become so reliant on it we lose all our natural skills and crafts. Yeah I know odd for my age. Check out This , and you get my idea http://diehard.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Sale . Lack of technology is great, more time for the family, which is how it should be, more time for crafting (yippie). We went out today for a few hours with a friend and her family, just walking aboout Rochester our local city? Town? Village? It is supposed to be a city as it has a Cathedral, but they forgot to renew its city status, Its too small to be a town and too big to be a village. English Heritage had a lot of propertys open Free this weekend so we scoped those out and the Museum too, All free. Cool hey? Just wondering how much you have in your area which you didn't even realise was there?

Laura xx

Ben teaching ..Victorian classroom Eastgate house

Very Rare green postbox ..one of two? left in the uk

Pump that water, beautiful maiden friend