Friday, 9 May 2014

easter catch up

What an amazing easter and birthday we had , well apart from falling waist high into sinking mud at a beach and make the national papers ha ha ha. Thank the lord for the RNLI they where amazing heros and went way above their call of duty. Thank you to all those involved that day xx

Easter crafts

our crafts

our crafts

day at whitstable we discovered a Banksy style artist

my birthday cake Those 6 candles are x 6 each lol

far too much choccy from family and friends!

leeds castle the start of giant rhubard

Greatstone beach

weird crab

A peacock up a tree Don't stand underneath it!

First go at real achery

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Home ed adventures Picture heavy

CAke decoration
Reading at the celebration of ladybird books
Skeleton building
More skeleton building
Playdough modelling
measuring out bodys ready for making a giant skeleton cut outs
Family artwork
Starting the body !
Viewing the xrays of Daddys spine
One skeleton model complete
Starting of one science experiment, digestion.
The stomach and intestines model
Planting seeds.
New science kit
Standback it could get messy
Circus skills
working on picasso book (complementing and contrasting colours)
Getting on with guitar lessons

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mothers day weekend part 2 Rather much later on...

rather belated post but The next day Sunday was mothers day, we decided a day of romping about an agricultural museum would be fun..followed by a quick trip to the park before returning home for roast dinner , cooked by hubby! The museum Is in Brook near Ashford, they also do a educational lessons. The park was great fun as it had an outdoor can imagine the laughs myself and mam had on it!