Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rag rug..with a difference!

Searching across the net i came across this idea for a rag thinking id love to collect the boys school uniforms thats too beyond repair to use.. i could be here sometime lol..also love the fact its sewn onto a towel..seens a lot faster too me! Too all my friends across the pond HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Our Wedding on a budget..£400!

Mr and i are allready married. Here in the uk you can renew your wedding vows its exactly the same can remarry the same person as many times as you like! Mr and i have talked about renewing   when we get to ten years married..thats next year and we whould have been together about 15 years in total. Nothing actually has come of these plans..until today i decided id book it all in secret as a romantic suprise for a wedding anniversary in febuarary. Today i have booked the regisatar office, the venue, bought a dress and flowers i have a budget of £400. Some people say thats going to try and prove you don't need all the trimmings and horse drawn carridges..essentially it is just 2 people in a room of friends and family declaring their love for each other.."stuff" shouldn't matter...i will look back on this when i feel my "bridezilla" moments..please note im not affliated at all with any sites just ideas i have found cheaply!

I plan to ave an afternoon tea light buffet of sandwiches..jelly and ice cream and cake..with tea and coffee ..all using vintage plates as a major theme ..i have quite a few anyway! The cheapest caterer i found was £160..i recon i can do it for about £80. There is a bar there but they have to pay..we will provide a few bottles of champage as a toast.

2..venue booked £34 an hour as its friday and off season..this is fab as its our actuall original wedding day! its in a stunning stately victorian musuem heres a picture :D

3..Dress i wanted a new dress one i could wear again if i wanted but i didnt want to spend a fortune..i had something in mind..after weeks of searching online i came across this one from amazon..for a total of £20.50 with postage..cant wait for it to arrive hope it meets up to my expectations. And my flowers and flowers for the bridesmaid again £7.00 each..with mine i found a beautiful deep purple fake anenomies which ill add to this plain bunch and warp some vintage style lace around them.

4..jewlerry..i plan to use a set of pearls i was given as a christmas gift..but if you look round somewhere like primark or claires accessorries you can pick up some very preety faux ones for a few pounds.

5. Shoes..tbc..want to find a pair that cost around £8 will try stuff from them before and very impressed.

6. Invites! Free print offs this ones a nice site


Monday, 12 November 2012

Simple pleasures

Im trying to become more homestead getting there slowly cutting down internet time (or at least social networking!) has made me much happier this week.
I stumbled across this pattern and im so totally in love with it..these are to be a gift for a lucky wee man im planning to make a knitted gnomes house to go with it , you can find the gnome pattern here for free

Also made another dolly for a friends daughter for christmas shes by fiona mctague from the book knitted toys sadly im not great with doing faces! But i love her.
Also lastly i made bread again and its 100% better than first time i made it..a couple more trys and it should be perfect! Heres a wee pic of my eldest 2 boys..i felt so happy and blessed this weekend the mood must have reflected as they played beautfully together..have a great week all xx