Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Box trolls day

We still haven't seen the movie, Is that bad? However, always up for a recycle challenge, I signed the Home ed Group We belong to for a Box trolls recycle challenge, Via "The big tidy up"..Alas Me being abit daft, I lost the Pdf file, they sent to schools. It had a great Curriculum and lesson plans you could follow,(If you wanted to)  as well as keeping to the Reduce , Reuse, Recycle them. There was also a Certificate to distribute to those who attended. (Sob, sob!)

Here is the link to sign up, although it has expired they may do it again next time, if there is a number 2?

Boxtroll activities http://www.cinemaisa.com.au/Kidz_Zone_files/boxtrolls-activity-sheets.pdf

Recycle games http://www.recyclezone.org.uk/home_fz.aspx.html


How paper is recycled video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXABlDk4cYU

YUCK https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/413909021975958669/

We also Have had fun before, Getting a pile of household Junk  (clean) and sorting it out over the week, into reduce, reuse , recycle and then into "Decomposing times" a box for quick such as food, medium such as cottons, and slow/ never plastics, metals

Earth day is about 20th April  I think, we don't do any different, but Think it's time for a post about it then?

Some Pictures of Today , We WILL get around to watching the film! Love and light x



  1. I wouldn't recommend box trolls! Both me and my son didn't enjoy It. Speaking to other mums at school I haven't found anyone else that enjoyed it. Love the outfits :-)

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    2. You are not the only one who has said this lol. I will not be buying it thats for sure £10 for the dvd..I have a friend who is lending it to me, I may just be busy when it's on :D