Sunday, 1 April 2012

The great declutter..

Decided to ditch things in favour of a more natural approach..heres all that i currently have bar makeup which i dont have vast amounts of anyway. All i want to keep is olive oil, apple cider vinager, bicarb of soda, coconut oil, a rock deoderant, rock salt, honey and toothpaste and bar soap!

so bye bye to stick deoderants, all liquid soaps, face masks etc ..need to use this lot up first

all ready bottle of shampoo.


  1. My teen keeps talking about using baking soda to wash her hair. Then cider vinegar is used, she really likes the results.

    1. ive had great results before with backing soda/bicarb , and ive been shampoo free for about 7 months now i just keep slipping back into habits opps!