Sunday, 28 April 2013


I made a pledge a while ago to stop buying "stuff" it means ive cleared some debt and decluttered..but a girl needs treats!! Especially i find them helpful as i suffer from senstive skin and often end up with bottles that hurt my skin..and its all very good for frugalness..heres what i recieved last week.

Hers a list of some of the freebies ive sent for..hope they havent expired for you
Please note i am not endorsed by any of these companys ..some links need to be copied and pasted..happy hunting!
boss orange sample female and male toilette-for-woman-free-sample
evening primrose seeds 
potty training down but can get from contact us on link
Free Badge, pen and binoculars for that budding gambler in your life ..seriously though what child doesnt love getting post, plus bincoulars allways popular for bug/bird watching
 garnier moisture match
cherrys in the air fragrance sample
e45 skincare sample
colagte interdental toothpaste sample
loreal bb cream
lady millio paco rabam sample
tena lady samples (or useful nighttime towels)
mens gomme de garcon evergreen sample

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