Saturday, 22 November 2014


The boys seem to have a current obsession with Junk modelling, Which is fab as it keeps all of them happy, (plus I enjoy it to having spent most of my adult life in the Art sector of retail) They wanted to make something Christmassy (Already?) . We decided on toilet roll models . We picked The fun Reindeer project from this lovely tutorial .

A cute old black and white You tube vid about children and life in lapland

And a huge stack of Reindeer lesson plans and activities

Colouring pens are from this lovely company one end thick the other thin.Great coverage, nice tight fit lids great for children or professionals alike...perfect!

Have fun!

CleanTrash sorting deciding what to make.

Lovely colouring pens sent by Smiggle

We have 9 reindeer and Santa on a sleigh

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