Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Safa ..really is Safer , beauty review

I was recently approached to trial a new product on the market, You see I have very sensitive skin . Because of this I'm a tester for a medical company that uses human testers rather than animals, I'm allergic to lanolin, liquid soaps and latex . They burn my skin off! Whilst this company isn't part of the cosmetic testing company, I was impressed enough to join in with the chance to review the products. Vegan (meaning no animal derived products) Therefore no lanolin! Containing certified organically grown ingredients, wheat and gluten free too. I was sent Safa Facial Tonic and Cleansing milk to try From Linco care.

The cleansing milk contains Rosehip, Sweet almond and Calendula oil," Rich in anti-oxidants and perfect for mild instant anti-wrinkle effect, lightweight for people who suffer acne as it doesn't block pores."I found this just perfect not to thick or runny , very gentle and soft, very creamy and soothing, I used it after a shower and was surprised how much it cleaned my skin further, I't felt delightfully soft and smooth.

The Facial toner contains, cucumber, Aloe and green tea extracts. "It helps enable skin repair, increases collegen content of damaged skin tissue. A powerful anti-oxidant with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects" I admit I was very nervous, I dislike facial toners, because of the burning effect they have , but really impressed this had no burning sensation just a mild tightening effect.

About an hour afterwards I decided to wash my face to see if the cream was still there, and Was delighted to feel my skin still felt very creamy and not at all dry (normally I would have put another coat of moisturiser  on mid day, there was no need!)

Please keep an eye out for their products They are delightful They are soon to be running monthly giveaways too!

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