Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gah sew or not to sew?

We are cutting teeth again in this house, 6 all at once! We have an amber teething bracelet on, which helps a little but my god the dribble. When my eldest was little there was these really cute little triangle shaped bibs that made them look like cowboys! Ive allways fancied making them myself, thought about getting my machine out, printing off a pattern etc, then i stumbled across the world of working from home mums, this lady for example makes currently 5 for just £10, how does that work out cost of electricy, thread, time, material etc? So ive sent her my custom..means i get more free time for knitting!

and on the plus side wait for it my jumper from the 1920s that ive knitting for almost 2 years is almost finished! Ive joined up with my fitness revoloution where you plede to get healthy, ive currently lost since the night before giving birth to now 43lbs, (i think thats cheating though lol) but i lost 15lbs overnight so maybe ive lost 28lbs? Sadly my clothes are still to tight so really need to get fit now. I have a red dress aka like that what in special k....its just hanging there waiting as motivation! Im also currently sewing a ragdoll and making the clothes from the worn clothes of my children , first clothes etc..tis a slow process! No ones come forward for the comp prize yet so pleaseeeee..check the orignal post thanks!

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