Tuesday, 15 March 2011

scrap blankets..

Ok i seem to have a thing for blankets at the moment..i have 4 in wips stages...3 of which are all scrap busters..one is a magic ball blanket..my first magic ball i love it! 1 i started yesterday a 4ply sock yarn left overs blanket..thankfully its only going to be single bed size lol.. and a corchet scrap yarn blanket..the latter is working out beautifully..theres 74 (?) six inch squares with granny squares interspaced with more complex squares..this will then be crocheted around the edge and gifted to my dh for christmas, im hoping to complete most of these blankets before mid august when my new baby son should be making an arrival..still can't get my head around the fact im having another baby..let alone another son..thats son number 3..im going to paint my house pink, going to breed female cats and shop only at monsoon and per una from now on..(if only!)..as i said we are on a complete frugal drive to save for the attic conversion..doing well so far almost 1/5 saved in less than 3 months pay days..yay . We have been so lucky too people giving us clothes for my elder sons , loads of reusable nappys..some baby equipment ..a fridge from freecycle, i will be baby wearing again so no expensive buggy for me, i even managed to win my fav baby carrier on ebay for the snip of £20 with delivery..normally these retail at £70 (?)...anyway i digress..heres my crochet blankets..i love it so far

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