Sunday, 19 February 2012

Feeling rather blue that we can't afford a holiday abroad for several years, But i recon i must have had some fab, cheap uk holidays! On one holiday in dorset my son learned to walk, precious moments in time. We allways have a beach holiday and we love norfolk for fishing. I think in a way the current economic climate has meant more local and uk based places of intrest have been given a welcome boost, or at least i hope so! This picture of my grandmother back in the late 40's allways inspires me to make the best of what ever holiday we  can. Walks on the beaches ,donkey rides, exploring local historic places, kiss me quick hats, candyfloss, it may be cheap it may be tacky but my lord we do have the most wonderful happy time together as a family and thats  worth more than any exotic holiday!

Flythomascook Photography Competition

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  1. Wow, what a splendid photo of your grandma! We never really think of our grandparents as being young and sexy.
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