Thursday, 5 June 2014

More half term fun.

Coming to the end of half term , Daddys been off for 2 weeks as well , we have had great fun, popped down to the dickens festival. We did a spot of geocaching, which is essentially finding "treasure" by locating it via co ordinates. People place them all over the world for others to find, its normally just a rolled up bit of paper to find and sign but it's fun as it gets you out and you find new areas you haven't seen it's free! Join up here

First cache of the summer by our local river


Edith may..a real sail boat!

Swans nest, she has about 8 eggs..hoping to watch them hatch!

our new lessons, my own karate kid.

Paper planes..various types.

Placing 5p bets to see which flys better.

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