Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sun is shining , the weather is sweet..Thanks for the title!

Stole the title from a friends Facebook status, sums today up perfectly! We manged to finish a load of projects this morning, and by 11am we where twiddling our thumbs, so we decided to have an impromptu, trip into our local Town, which turned into a trip to the local cathedral, museum and pub lunch as well! Love it, Oh and we finished off the day by doing a science project which made 2 liquids turn into solid jelly worms, Boys where thrilled..and lastly we started to make a paper mache moon.

Local Cathedral

Driving the boat at the local musuem

Bens new library books to read this month.

Started our moon at last!

Slime lab in action.


Bens "Picasso" Cubism/collage, "The Beach", complete with beach towel and suncream :D

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