Saturday, 9 August 2014

Summer so far catch up.

Sadly my camera/phone is being a devil and Dies very quickly, alas missing loads of lovely pictures. We started our summer holidays a week before school and will be doing 1 extra week, just so we can take advantage of out of school time fees whilst the suns/weathers so nice!

So far we have been to or created.
1. Natural history museum in London to coincide with our dinosaur project learning.
2. Visited joss bay beach and collected shells to later learn to identify them from our book.
3. Had a bowling morning out with friends.
4. Had 2 sleep overs at our house
5. A picnic.
6. Picked blackberrys with 2 different friends.
7. Returned a lost cat to a very greatfull little girl.
8. Visited wildwoods in kent..fab place
9. Visted Herne bay.
10. Went to the cinema and watched rio2 with friends.
11. Built a 3d dino t-rex and read about him
12. Played with building straws with a friend
13..Attended kew gardens music to see jools holland.
14. had a garden clear out
15..made spoon puppets and played puppet theatres.
16. built a bird house
17. Did t-shirt painting
20..learned a new skill Knitting for eldest and finger knitting for middle son.

We also got some more chickens as a fox killed 2 of mine and injured a 3rd. We also have plans to go to Groombridge. later in the month, and a minecraft fimo building day,  have also done the normal summer thing..changeforlife summer fitness challenge, The libary reading challenge, a few more bits of our Dinosaur challenge, learning some french online, Karate lessons, Youth club, Knitting (eldest is learning to knit) baking,  Guitar lessons. Have started to preserve things ready for the winter and higher fuel costs.  We also had a big garden clear its a tip, alos we are working our way through the entire manual of knex ideas and plan on making another video to go with it. Essentially the same as we do in term time , minus the work books!  Well done for reaching the end!
one cherry one blackberry..(made 4 blackberry pies so far to use up our lovely glutt)

Garden almost done!
Making puppet spoons and theatre

Beautiful Joss bay
We learned to finger knit!
huge car mat for £3.50!

T shirt printing/painting
My beautiful baby woody walk

one of our many blackberry picking days

Helping me build a birdcage

Dino building!

cookery lesson.

T rex built!

Beautiful walk over to bowling.

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