Sunday, 17 May 2015

Stab binding..End of year (ALMOST!) Paperwork round up

So One whole year or 18 months near abouts since home ed. We have kept most things, since The Lea could make us be regulated by them. (Due to a new government and regulations) But this times 3?! I keep Them in small cardboard boxes, then this week, I got each of the childrens  boxes and sorted them out into ..BIN!/recycle,   KEEP! .. You can decide. Thankfully about half went into recycle, a third went back into a file for keeping for next years to touch on again (ie seasonal ideas Halloween etc) and the last was to keep but put away. Some time ago I used to work for The British Library in Document restoration and preservation, and I really wanted the boys to try simple book binding. An Ideal way to scrapbook papers together. Here is a simple explanation.

Of course you can do some beautiful stitches but to complex for my young beginners.

I've just added "google search f stab binding..bindings" In case the link doesn't work!

We finished off with all 3 (well two elder and youngest with help of mummy) doing a show and tell presentation of the year. Thus ends our school year (I think it's becase we have 5 birthday in May so we tend to think of it as the end of a year and start of a new one?!) On to new things :D Can't wait!

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