Monday, 2 November 2015

Halloween and more seasonal workings.

 Had a wonderful time at Beluncle farm in Hoo. It's a pyo pumpkin farm , They were super busy but the staff moved quickly and the queue went really fast . Like the year before they had A lovely display , Looked lke had added another field too! Also set out is a superb choice of In-edible gourds to unusual Squashes , as well as traditional Classic orange pumpkins. Worth a look next year!
Wwe Made more decorations, Poundland had long black pipe cleaners in, so we made spiders, Decorated some cardboard pumpkins . We also took part in Rochesters fairy trail That has been turned into a halloween trail and was lucky enough to have our Halloween door included into the trail alongside the other Guildhall Museums door. (They run a free after school Lego club once a month that was set up by a lady from Rochester) Heres a link to last years blog post, we did, We used some more Halloween sheets from Studyladder, Looks like they have added more !  Whatever or however you celebrate, (or didn't) Have a great week!