Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn Catchup.

It was really only last week We were having a picnic in the sun, Now this week Rain, cold..fires on, Hot choccy and bowls of steaming soup! We went to meet a new Home Ed group In Canterbury , and was welcomed with warm arms . Canterbury is such a beautiful place and only 40 minutes by train, so we shall endeavor to go more often , In fact so lovely was it, we went two weeks running! First to a scarecrow making group activity (There was a lot of hay) , Then to a Snail workshop, Run by This company  . We also did a mini project of Autumn , Luke is started to be fully included into the project learning as well now, he loves it! So he did some art and some writing practice , a little counting and simple maths, again found on our fav site , the wee videos here are wonderful too ! . We where also lucky enough to find a local community apple pick and spent a couple of hours picking, pressing, tasting and seeing the different varieties of apples grown in the orchard. It's a lottery funded community orchard project , and I didn;t know but there seems to be a few of them cropping up (pardon the pun) about Kent at least. Winter soon..where has the year gone??

Hay for the Scarecrows workshop

Lukes Snail he drew at the snail workshop

At the community apple pick trying hand pressing after picking our haul

Lukes Bouquet of leaves..he collects them all the time!

Made with me and  a friends wee cool dude 

Using the familes handprints

Leaf printed tree

Some trees where made usnig squashed tp roll ends, others with finger prints 

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