Monday, 19 September 2016

Postcard from copenhagen

A quick stop to Copenhagen. Our current History Project is the Vikings PlusI have wanted to go for such a long time. We Have decided to Travel more. It was my very first airbnb trip and alone without hubster, I won't do it again (Apartment was great) But it seemed odd him not being there with us experiencing everything toDenmark what can I say. People are super friendly and helpful, so much happier, no rudeness . The metro system is easy to understand and much better than ours. The fact that there are not many cars and everyone bikes (seems to make for healither looking people too) The schools where great as well. The children didn't wear uniform , they played out a lot more than ours do (They don't start until 7 i think either) They taught them Parkour , sailing etc. The babies and young children went in carriages on the front of the bikes. People where playing violins at the end of piers on the beach and stripping out of business suits in their lunch breaks for a swim in the sea. It's so relaxed , I wish we could inject a little of that into our lives somehow. It really is a different way of life.Well this is what I get from a whistle stop tour anyway.We made the regional news (I put our photo forward) I am off again soon! Happy Travels all. 
Artwork to great us at the Metro station.

Start of the Boat Tour.

The free Public toilets!

The National Musuem..oddly loads about Vikings here...Can't think why?

The Royal Palace.

Discovering new slushy flavours.

The Train issues with Parking here!

Lone fiddler on his lunch break..before stipping off and swimming in the sea.

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