Sunday, 30 April 2017

Postcard from Paris.

Easter Holidays. sadly not so many holidays this year (Saving for something special) So We decided as a Family Paris was on the list to see. We used a holiday caravan camp that was reduced to £150 for the week and on sale Eurostar tickets £500 (could have been cheaper if we had , had more planning) We ate picnics every day , once we found the on site shop was 3x times dearer than the local supermarket 20 minute walk away. SO picnics , where we woke up each morning decided where to go. We went into Paris central twice and the rest of the day we hung about the area, walking along the river. My French is fairly basic about 50% fluent , enough to get by, ask for tickets , drinks etc. Not Enough for a conversation anyway, but enough to get what help I was after. I found the metro confusing until the last day when it clicked! Children under 10 are half price of adults. A Paris ticket will take you anywhere in Paris but only one journey, one way but you can get other types of tickets one day travel ones I think. But It was 11.50 euros for a day trip for 3 over 10s and 2 unders. We used Birthday and Christmas money and went Up the Eiffel Tower, Although I only went half way up! We also walked and ate the Champes Elyesse, Arc de triumph. We had a fab time. Disneyland was not even on the agenda. The place we stayed was Eurocamp , Paris Est. Bus 101 goes right from Gaurde de nord to the camp site . The train ticket covers it, although sometimes not, so just ask! The lads practised French a lot.

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