Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the group effort head band

ok so a discussion on ralvery ..hot to increase in ribbing around a central stitch..there was a few different methods and heres mine..pics to follow please note this is a very wide head band almost hat like knits up on 5.5mm needles as chunky my increase go up to just past the top of the ear but you could do it by making the starting ribs longer and the middle section shorter..anyway many thanks to for the final answer! to make it extra chunky id use, maybe 8mm needles a much chunkier yarn and cast on less and increase less ..whould be a much faster knit ok so found out i used robin chunky heres my version ill post a proper pattern on rav also ..cant wait to see other peoples versions and ill end up doing those too lol 5.5mm , dk yarn 4mm crochet hook and a couple of lovely buttons..one for flower middle one for back of band cast on 6 stitches k1 p1 for 6 rows pattern row 1..next row rib 2 lift bar between last knitted stitch and central stitch knit into back of stitch, k1, lift bar and knit into back of stitch rib to end pattern row 2...return row rib to central increases purl 3 rib to end pattern row 3..rib 3 lift bar increase as previously described k1 lift bar increase rib to end to end pattern row 4..return next rib to end repeat rows 1-4 until 34 stitches are on needle this will reset your ribbing permently back to k1,p1 knit for in ribbing for an extra 7 inches ..decreases pattern row 1. rib to 2 stitches before the central k1 stitch, rib k2 tog tbl, k1, k2 tbl, rib to end pattern row 2, rib to end pattern row 3, rib to 2 stitches before central k1 stitch, rib2 tog tbl,k1,turn work slip 2 stitches from right hand needle onto left hand needle and purl these 2 stitches together sslip back onto right hand needle and turn work, rib to end pattern row 4, rib to decrease 3 stitches and purl 3 rib to end continue in this method until you have decreased back to 6 stitches rib for 4 rows , next rib 2, yarn over, k2tog tbl rib for 2 more rows decoration..alternative colour if you like.i used dk yarn .i did 2 sc into same space then missed about 1cm all arounded then fasten off flowers.. flower theres lots a beautiful flower patterns on rav, but if you like mine heres how i did it ..crochet 4mm hook using dk yarn 1.chain 4 slip stitch to form a ring chain 2 counts as first double crochet, dc 9 times into ring and slip stitch to top of starting chain 2.chain 2 counts as first dc,into same space 4 dc,* slip stitch into next dc, into next dc, make 5 dc* repeat from * to * around slip stitch into last dc and trough base of starting chain 3. insert hook from behind middle dc of first petal group on round 2 and bring around the frount hook yarn around the post, chain five , and again insert hook around middle post of next petal ciontinue around.slip stitch to top of starting chain 4. chain 2 counts as first dc, 2 dc into chin 5 space,1 treble into same space , 3 dc into then slip stitch on to top of petal the chain behind it)* slip stitch into chain 5 space, 3 dc into chain 5 space, i treble into same space, 3 dc , slip stitch into top of petal (the chain behind it)* repeat around slip back into base of first petal on this row, 5.chain one , pass hook through back and around base of first row dc the one where petals come together on round 2 and pull yarn around post, chain 8 , pass hook through and around post on next petel join of round two this should mean you skip one dc of row one..continue around slip stitch back into starting chain 6, chain 2 counting as first dc , 9 dc into chain 8 space , slip stitch into back of chain where it goes around the post, *slip into next 8 chain space, 10 dc into space slip into back joining post* continue around..slip into starting chain and fasten off

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  1. Do you have this pattern available for crochet? Please email me if you do. yerxyang@gmail.com

    Thank you.