Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bad bad blogger !

Sorry its been ages ive been so busy making over christmas ive neglected you! I have plans to design a scrap yarn magic ball blanket, so keep your eye out for that one coming soon, another freebie pattern! I also have some very old patterns i know im ok to share having not found any info about the company on the web , these patterns are over 70 years old so should now be in the public domain, i also feel they need to be preseved , having worked as document restorer and microfilmer for the british libary i know how very very important it is to keep historical documents "alive", im also in contact with a lovely lady from the V&A museum who supplied the wartime knitting patterns on the website , as i have so very many patterns, so am hoping between us we can get my patterns on the V&A but one particular well know company is being a pain in the butt even though these are approaching the 70 year mark haven't been reproduced, the main office burned down and they offically lost these patterns..go figure, you whould think they whould be delighted and its not as if i want any profit from sharing them, oh well there loss!.

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