Sunday, 16 January 2011

Garden flower square

Please do note whenever i post a pattern it is not for you to claim as your own, neither do i give permission for you to use any of my photo graphs . You can use items made from these patterns to sell, or for charity , as long as you give me credit for your works, Many thanks!
The garden flower square
3mm hook, scrap yarn pattern uses english crochet terms
row 1, chain 4, ss to form a ring
row 2, chain 2 (counts as first dc) dc 11 more times into ring, ss to starting chain to form a ring
row 3, change colour, slip into dc, *chain 7, skipping first chain, dc into each chain back down to the dc where you have justed chained from, slip into next dc* continue around unill 12 petals have been formed, fasten off.
row 4, change colour, attach to the very top of any petal, *chain 3, ss to top of next petal ensuring the petals lay flat* continue around until all petals have been joined together..i found if i used a bigger hook id need an extra chain between each petal (hope that helps)
row 5, ss into first chain 3 space, chain 2 (counts as first dc) 4dc into same chain 3 space, *3dc into next chain 3 space*twice 5 dc into next chain 3 space ** continue from * to ** then from *to* once more, ss to starting chain,
row 6, chain 2 (starts as first dc) 1 dc into each dc until you reach the corner 5 dcs, into which work 3dc, then dc into each dc to the next set of 5 dc corner, continue around until all dc have been worked ss to join
row 7, now you can either continue with dc from here or i made this change which you can change to when there is an even amount of dc between each very corner dc .
Row 7, my changes change colour , into corner 3 dc chain 3 (counts as first htr) 1htr, chain 2 , htr all into same corner dc, *skip 2 dc then 2 htr into space between the dc, * continue to corner 3 dc , then 2 htr 2chain 2htr into the same corner dc..continue around ss to join
make as large or small as you like, join them together to make a cute blanket

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