Wednesday, 19 January 2011

spider inspired square

A couple of lovely ladys mentioned my flower square would make a good spider square whould also make a good crab or squid so i re wrote the flower pattern to make it into a spider , well done ladys (Relodie and j9yammy )
row 1, chain 4, work 7 hrt into first chain ss to join to form a ring
row 2 chain 2, work 1 htr in each stitch around
row 3 chain 3 work one htr in each stitch around this will form a small mound shape
*chain 7, skipping first chain, dc into each chain back down to the dc where you have justed chained from, slip into next dc* continue around unill 8 legs have been formed, fasten off.
change colour, attach to the very top of any leg, *chain 3, ss to top of next petal ensuring the petals lay flat* continue around until all petals have been joined together..i found if i used a bigger hook id need an extra chain between each leg(hope that helps)
row 4 chain 3, 3htr,2 chain 4 htr all into first chain 4 space, *chain 1 4 htr into next chain 4 space, chain 1, (4 htr, 2 chain, 4htr all worked into next chain 4 space)* continue around , working 4 htr chain i in last chain 3 space
following rows, work 4 htr into each chain one space and 4 htr 2 chain 4 htr into each corner 2 chain space until desired width
sew some buttons or embrioder some eyes on


  1. That's fab! Love the rather evil red eyes

  2. Is this written in UK crochet terms? I am from the US and have never heard of a HTR. Thanks!

  3. indeed it is! htr is half treble in the uk in us its a hdb? half double ..its gets confusing lol.