Friday, 15 February 2013

Steping back from the social media madness

I'm increasingly getting more upset about how vast chunks of people treat each other over social networking sites, there's a difference of opinion and then there's just being plain right rude and evil! So i have decided the only way i can keep my soul happy is to just step back from it, being as I'm on the every day imagine what i can do with that extra, knit , crochet, bake , all stuff that makes my heart sing..and after all if I'm happy that positivity will flood out of me ..(i hope!)
Yesterday we celebrated valentines our way..we don't send cards because well we celebrated our anniversary the week before and got married. DH presented me with the most beautiful ring, when we where alone in our hotel room, he carried around all day hoping to find the perfect moment , i cried with happiness, I'm truly blessed. For valentines day my sons helped prepare dinner for daddy when he came home and we had a family meal together , the boys had made cards at school for me and daddy, simple yet perfect. My middle son Keon has decided to get into the baking bug in a big he is helping make cheese sauce, he was thrilled he had made it!

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