Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend fun!

It's half term holidays here and like any family on a budget we worry (or maybe over worry) about how to entertain the children for free or as cheaply as possible, This weekend we helped a friend de-clutter and clean her bedroom, which was fun as she has 2 girl children of similar ages to my two eldest , so most of the day they entertained each other, we had a nice lunch together and managed to sort her bedroom, win and win! Then i took this adorable picture of all 3 of my children playing nicely together (hard to find a joint thing to do that all 3 enjoy as there is a big mental/physical difference..digging in the dirt seems to work well too) i just felt lucky to to have them. Then today (Sunday) there was a Chinese new year parade in our local high street, the sun was out and very warm for mid February , and we where thrust a discount voucher for the local burger place £10 for family of 4 ( a very rare "treat" (using that term loosely) ) normally it would have cost £16 :( ..we all really enjoyed the lady fan dancers the most because the where mostly elder lady's who knew how to shock us with the fast "CRACK!" of their fans opening.... I mentioned that it was often used as a weapon and it was bladed. Hence why they cracked the fans so can even observe the "throwing" stance and after all who needs ninjas when you have Nana's with hand fans?  A deadly weapon I'm sure and much more subtle!

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