Friday, 7 June 2013

Free cinema tickets.

I love going to the cinema but wow its just sooo dear! Like really dear we can't afford £21 to go! Then theres popcorn, sweets drinks and a baby sitter. So we have been thinking outside the box so to speak..Now im sure most people take snacks to the cinema..we do! We do have the odd baby sitter sometimes in exchange for (last time my old blackberry ! this time a little bit of cash and some unwanted beauty things i won as part of a bigger package)
BUt recently we have only been going to the omg really want to see it films on Orange wednesdays as hubby is with its about £9 ? and ive just discovered this ..and look on mse for the pincodes and wher they are showing im now off to the for the first time totally free of charge! ..Can't get more frugal than that!
Looking forward to it , taking mumma and having a nice mum/daughter day out ,
Also this week i got a voucher for oaty drink? £10 worth of pizza vouchers and a a small bag of curry that i can bulk out for 2 with rice :D Have a great weekend all x

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