Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hunkering down ready for winter..and its not even summer yet

Terrified of the increase in gas and eletric rates..despite cutting back a lot and swapping to cheapet provider..its still costing us more our last bill was £450 for gas for the 3 months over winter..im hoping to off set this cost by having more food stores in thus lower food bills..this week ive dried mushrooms..in the traditional way by threading them onto cotton and hanging to dry..takes about a week..i also have plans for our 91 !! tomatoe plants as well as the leeks, onions, coureggtees etc etc etc lol..i think i may be busy in a few months drying stuff out! Boiler is still broken a man is coming to look at it, themostat has gone i beleive..wonder ho wmuch that is going to cost?!

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