Wednesday, 26 June 2013

10P curtains and Happy pictures

I needed curtains for my attic room (i had a pair of pillowcase type ones up but they where so insipid they made everything look insipid , (i will reuse this gifted material elsewhere) The colour didn't go and just looked odd. I have been helping declutter my mums house and she had some perfect chintz material she was throwing out..err no that will fit my attic room windows I'm sure! Drag out the hand crank and 1 hour later i have new curtains that look stunning (well I'm pleased!) and only cost about 10p in cotton. I have to also put a few pictures of my attic room and machine just because i think wooh we saved for this all ourselves on a 19k income , 5 person family after being rejected for a remortgage as apparently we couldn't afford the repayments according to them .seems like one in the eye for our bank, because we paid for it in cash 30k and saved lords knows how much in interest and years by not having a remortgage..ha ha ha i laugh in your face bank! You did us a huge favour Thanks!

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